Saturday, November 04, 2006

More Ideas for My "Mexicocina"

I have a new book. Mexicocina, The Spirit and Style of the Mexican Kitchen by Melba Levick and Betsy McNair. So lush with color and ideas. While I couldn't live....and cook in most of them.....I love to see how others embrace Mexican folkart, craft and tradition.

The problem for me is that I love to look at the Mexicocina but only for a while. It is too much detail for my eye. I start to feel overwhelmed. And while I'm looking at it, I'm wondering how do you keep it clean with open windows and dust. How often do you have to wash the wonderful green pineapples to keep dust and muck from building up on every leaf. How do you keep the grout in the countertops free of bacteria. How long will it be before the tile in the sink is chipped. Sometimes my practical streak is a know where.

Still that doesn't mean that I haven't found several ideas that I'm wondering if it is too late to do in our renovation. I've also seen some of my ideas used in similar ways that makes me more confident that I'm on the right track for having a Mexican kitchen. The book also makes me want to bring down all my Mexican dishes. Some of the kitchens in the book have Uriarte, Gorky and Capelo murals and dishes. I love all those ceramacists and have pieces of their work that I've collected over the years and I think I'll have room for them in the dining room.

If you love Mexican Style, this book needs to be on your bookshelf. By the way, the picture is a portion of the cover of the book. I hope that I don't get thrown in jail for copyright violations the next time I cross the border!

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Brenda said...

Like the look of the book cover; but couldn't live with the kitchen, just too busy for my eyes. Lots of lovely elements; but they overshadow each other by proximity. Just my 2 cents worth.