Monday, October 09, 2006

No Turning Back

The project has begun. Over the weekend we emptied the kitchen cabinets and moved as much stuff as we could into the guest bedroom. This morning at 8:00 AM Jose, the Albanil and two helpers came followed a few minutes later by Norma, our Arquitecta. After moving some of the furniture and the refrigerator and stove, we drew lines on the wall for the arches for the cabinet in the dining room. The wooden cabinets under the counters were removed and the chipping started. All the plaster has to be chipped from the brick, the concrete counters removed and then new plaster applied and the form for the arches will be built so that we can add wooden cabinets and a bar inside of them. Then it will be time for the carpintero to do his part of the job.

I have wanted to redo the kitchen since we bought the house. Not that it was a bad kitchen but I hated the fruit tiles in the border and I hated the quality of the tiles on the counter top. I don't know what is different about the way the Mexicans do grout but the grout in the counter tops was never clean. I had been use to drawers that pulled out so that you could store things and get them out without standing on your head....and at our age that is a good thing to not have to get on your hands and knees or stand on your head. I definitely wanted more storage space. It took me a while to figure out what to do with the kitchen but I think the plan will be a very workable space and still tie in to the rest of the house.

But I've got to say, I feel a little guilty about taking out this kitchen. It is bad enough that all the Mexicans think it is wonderful but so do the gringos. Yesterday we saw some friends at ChaChaCha while we were having comida. We told them we were getting ready to start the remodel. And both of them said, "I love your kitchen." Well, they are just going to love the new one too!


Anonymous said...

Let the games begin - oh boy - another remodel project. Fun to watch from here. Good Luck.

Buffy said...

I have to say, it looks kinda gorgeous to me. Even half gutted.

Billie said...

Buffy, I hope that you like the new one too.