Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Just When I Thought.......

Just when I thought we were settled with all the construction issues for the renovation, we aren't.

First of all, Hugo of Casal's promised a sample tile two weeks ago. I went in several times before I left to go to Texas to see if it was done, then while I was gone Ned went a couple of times. Yesterday I went again. The paper work is lost. All our discussions about how to do it seem to be semi-lost too. So we started over yesterday with more discussion and paperwork. I have some information on another tile company that we will check out this week just so we have a back-up.
The Carpintero that I was so happy with because he seemed to understand all the design and construction issues for building cabinets for granite countertops is cancelling appointments. He cancelled one before I left for Texas and he cancelled one today. At this point we are trying to decide if he is just behind on other jobs or if he is trying to tell us he doesn't want to do the work. Mexicans consider it impolite to tell you "No." We mostly think it is because he has too much work but we will see if he comes tomorrow at 4:00 PM to take measurements. Again, I have someone that we will talk to tomorrow just in case we need a backup. And we may split the job to several carpinteros. One for the granite covered cabinets, one for the carved upper cabinets and one for the cabinets that will be built in the arches in the dining room. It could make things go faster since all of the carpinteros are one or two man shops.

While I was gone the stove and refrigerator were delivered and Ned picked up the sink in Queretaro. The stove and refrigerator look great. The stove is a stainless steel Mabe (made by GE) and it is a six burner with cast iron grates. The refrigerator is a stainless steel 15 cubic foot Bosch that is 24" deep by 28" wide by 72" tall. That may not seem like a very big refrigerator to you but after we have lived with 9 cubic foot refrigerator for almost 5 years, it seems large. And most important it will fit in the small kitchen.

The albanil also finished up and cleaned up while I was gone. Gone is the corrugated board on the floor, the bricks and bags of concrete in the patio and the sheets of plastic hanging from openings and over furniture. We can move some of the furniture back into place in the living area....at least for the time being.

The painter was just here and he is preparing us a estimate for doing the floors and the painting. He seems to know his business.

I was hoping we would have this mostly done by the time we left here for Christmas......
I haven't given up on date yet but the next target date could be the end of January.


Brenda said...

And 1 day, just when you think it will never happen, everything will come together. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Brenda - I love her optimism ;-) Our experience is similar and I have no suggestions other than to commensurate with your frustration and suggest you hang in there. This is part of the Mexican way of life.

Most of the semi-skilled labor in the US is so poor and lacking in pride in workmanship that the Mexico issue doesn’t seem all that bad - unless you are living them.

Great looking stove and refrig. Now to hire someone to keep them clean and shiny ;-)

When you are done you will be able to invite Marta Stewart over ;-)


La Gringa said...

Hi Billie, I didn't realize I was so far behind on your blog. I've been reading blogs on bloglines and for some reason your new posts weren't showing up.

Anyway, the project is looking great. I know very well about all those surprises and it is disappointing sometimes that everything has to be so difficult.

If I might make a suggestion? If you do split up the work among more than one carpintero, I suggest that you hire only one person to do the staining and finishing of the wood.

You would be surprised at how different the same stain can look depending upon who did the work.