Friday, September 08, 2006

The Moon was a No Show

From the terrace we have a beautiful view across town towards the mountains and the moon comes up over those mountains. It is a thrill to see the full moon as a sliver just breaking the horizon and then moving at what seems very fast to clear the hillside and to hang above San Miguel.

The full moon last night was the harvest moon. My friend Sandy and her guest Aggie are in town so what better reasons to have a cocktail party. The guests showed up but the moon didn't. Clouds moved in before they came and about 9:00 PM the rain started. Not a light rain but a thunderboomer downpour. The guests left about 10:45 but the rain stayed through the night.

For my foodie readers the cocktail menu was simple. Mango salsa, blue cheese spread with sliced apples and pears, deviled eggs and cocktail sausages with country mustard. The Mexican cocktail sausages are not the same as we get in the USA. They are a cross between a USA cocktail sausage and a vienna sausage. I heated them in the oven but I wish they had a little more zing, a little more spice, a little more texture. But I shouldn't complain because it is something that I can add to a cocktail menu and I don't have to prepare it from scratch. And can someone tell me why deviled eggs are always such a favorite. People who wouldn't touch an egg at breakfast will eat 3 or 4 of them.

Well, at any rate, it was a good evening with lively story telling and lots of laughter even if the Moon was a No Show.

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