Monday, August 07, 2006

TO BE in Spanish

There are five ways to say TO BE in Spanish..............

Ser - To describe something or someone, a permanent condition
Estar - To describe Health, Emotions, Location or Physical Conditions
Tener - To descibe age or idiomatic expressions such as I am cold, or hot, or sleepy, or hungry
Haber/Hay - There is, there are, is there? are there?
Hace - about the weather, it is hot, it is cold, it is windy

I can understand the grammar but applying it on the fly as I speak..............
Now that is the challenge! I just hope that the Mexicans cut me some slack and give me some credit for trying.


Anonymous said...

Hola Senora:

I went ahead an got all the Pimsleur Spanish Language CD's (a LOT btw). There are three course levels with 19 CD's each. It is a long term project.

Going back and forth to Mexico makes it darn near impossible - but in your now full time situation - you might have a chance - and a tutor well that's for people in SMA ;-)

Juan Calypso

BillieS said...

Juan, I didn't know that tutors were limited to SMA.

BTW, the Pimsleur Spanish Language comprehensive set isn't inexpensive either. I guess what it all boils down to is that one way or another we are going to pay to learn the language unless we totally immerse ourselves in a Spanish language environment where we must speak Spanish in order to communicate at all.

For me, I'm not sure that I could stay awake for the CD's. I get bored trying to learn that way. I much prefer interaction with another person where we can have some chitchat in Spanish and I can get my questions answered that might be a bit off topic but important to my understanding.