Sunday, July 23, 2006

What's Up?

Some of the things happening in San Miguel over the next couple of weeks

Ninth Annual Short Film Festival
Annual Chamber Music Festival
Global Justice Conference
Feed the Hungry Fund Raiser
Patronato del Ninos Fund Raiser - A Night in Casablanca
Amigos de Animales Fund Raiser
Symposium on Cuba Today
Announcement about the construction of a San Miguel Opera House
Pozos Art Walk
Theater - Daniel Packard's Live Group Sex Therapy Show
Authors' Sala with readings by Susan Page and Marliene Phipps
Lecture on Codex Mendoza by Guillermo Mendez
Concert of Brazilian and Portuguese Music
Walking tours
Lions Club trip
Lunch Groups
Instituto guided trips to Queretero and Mexico City
Rummage Sales
Muffin Sales
Saturday Adventurers tours that Benefits Centro de Crecimiento
House and Garden Tour that benefits the Biblioteca
AND many Gallery openings with work by both Mexicans and Ex-pats.

Oh, and we just finished with the First Annual Sexual Diversity Festival

Is it any wonder that San Miguel is high on many lists of places to visit or live?


Claudine said...

I have yet to figure out how I learn of events like this in mis suegros' town. They are hometown country type folks and don't frequent events short of family events or an exercise class. How do you learn of events in your area? Newspaper? I still don't even know where to buy a newspaper here. lol

BillieS said...

Ahh, Claudine my advantage is that I live in San Miguel with a large ex-pat population and they publish a weekly english language newspaper to benefit the biblioteca and to provide scholarships for Mexican children. The Home Tour is also a part of the biblioteca and all that they earn goes to these scholarships too.

There are also a couple of Spanish language town newspapers which are not very good at all and the one from Celaya which is pretty good for the news.

Then I have my town observer, husband Ned, on his walks into town he checks the churches to see what events they are having and also checks out bulletin boards at the grocery and mail place.

Brenda said...

Ah, but Billie what will you do with all your extra time? lol lol