Thursday, July 06, 2006

San Miguel Rapist Jailed

It is true. The San Miguel rapist has been caught and is in jail. His identity is confirmed by DNA.

I've talked with my friend who was raped and she also confirms that the information is true. She gives credit to the team of State Police who have worked this case day after day.


Heather said...

I'm very happy he was caught. V.g. job by the police and all the victims that made sure they reported the crimes/attempts. It is very difficult.

lou said...

Ditto! My thoughts are with the women affected by this, your courage paid off. I hope that knowledge helps you with a good recovery.
Thanks for posting this billie!

Jerry M. Pine said...


I'm very relieved that he was caught.


BillieS said...

We are all very relieved that he was caught. Thanks to everyone who has been following this series of crimes. We aren't in SMA now so others have much better reports on what is happening, still just to know he is behind bars is a relief.