Sunday, July 16, 2006

Rain Last Night

The rain started in the afternoon. A silent soft rain that didn't tap on the windowpanes but fell lightly inside the open windows before we realized it had come. The rain came and went with the clouds that slid across the tops of the hills and over the town.

Just a little rain....maybe more than a drizzle at times....but not enough to keep us home. The umbrellas, one lemon yellow, the other navy blue, kept the rain off on our way into town for dinner. Up Orizaba, then Ancha de San Antonio, a turn to Hernandez Macias, Umaran to the Jardin. A table by the window at Cafe San Francisco with a view of the Parroquia and the darkening wet streets with people walking in the rain. Would it rain in the window? We decided to chance it for the reward of watching the world go by.

A tequila and a margarita were on the table before the wind picked up and the rain began to fall in silver streaks in the headlights of cars and to blow in our window on the Jardin. The waiter appeared and shut the window so we now had a dry and cozy view of the downpour. No walking in the rain now. If you had to be out you ran or clustered under the porticos or as some in the restaurant did, you just stayed at your table talking and watching....first the gutter filled with water rushing downhill but soon the street was a sheet of flowing water sparkling with the reflections of lights around the Jardin.

We too, lingered until the rain became lighter. It took a while to find a taxi to bring us home. Home to bed, to listen to the the lullaby of a light rain on the window and the leaves of the tree outside the bedroom.

This morning is very quiet. Even the roosters seemed calmed by the rain. The air is cool, the sky is blue, the sun is warm.....not a cloud in the sky, but we had rain last night.


Deb said...

Hi Billie,
Your description is lovely. We noticed too, how fresh and crisp everything seemed after a good rain.

Anonymous said...

We,too, had rain last evening, but wish it a more pleasant experience such as your evening. But we stayed the night in Dover, DE, and the t-buggers moved through and downed trees and cut power lines to something like 300K people in PA and MD. Yesterday the heat was in 100F range, and all we did was drive. Have one of those margaritas for me. Pitchertaker