Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Photography Friendships

Friendships are so important in my life. Especially friendships where I share a passion for photography. These friends are kindred souls who understand the highs and lows of trying over and over again to find the groove, of the struggle with materials and equipment and experiments that sometimes don't work as well as the joys of where it all comes together.

This past week has been rich with these friendships. I had long lunch at the Empire Cafe with Ellie Brown. I've told you before about Ellie one of the most prolific photographers I know, not just quantity but quality too. She has just put some new work on her website.

On Thursday we headed out to Austin. I have work in an exhibit called "The Image Wrought" at the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas. On Thursday night Dr. Mike Ware was to lecture about gold alternative processes. I used Dr. Ware's formula for the Argyrotype alternative process when I produced a body of work called Pears. We corresponded via email and when we were in England, I was able to travel to visit with him. I definitely wanted to see him while he was in Austin, Texas.

Before the lecture I had drinks with Laura Calfee and Dennis Fagan. What fun to find out what projects they are working on and to hear about their families and other photography friends in and around Austin.

Friday morning I met up with Kay Denton and Pat Brown (sorry I wasn't able to find a website for Pat but I assure you she is another amazing photographer.) We met at Stephen Clark's Gallery on 6th Street. We had a great time looking at the work of several photographers besides the exhibition that was on the walls. The time passed quickly and suddenly it was time for lunch. Across the street to Z-Tejas for a great lunch and more talk.

Oh, how these visits with my photography friends stirred my creativity, challenged my commitment and refreshed my photographic soul.

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Brenda said...

Hope you are not near the flooding in Houston, stay safe.