Monday, June 26, 2006

Mary and the Rapist

Carol Schmidt reports in her San Miguel news blog that A Hail Mary seems to have encouraged the San Miguel rapist to shorten his visit.

I think we will read a lot more about the San Miguel rapist. Beverly Donofrio is a strong woman like the other women who were raped but the difference is she is an author with books and movies on her resume. She is going to write about her experience. Some people will think the publicity in the USA will be bad for San Miguel and then others of us think it is what it is. There is much to lose for both the Mexicans and the ex-pats if law enforcement can not step up to the challenges that it faces. News of what is happening in San Miguel certainly keeps the investigation on the forefront for the State of Guanajuato.

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Takoma Gardener said...

Hi. THis is your friend "Sue's" sister in Maryland again. I was interested to read Donofrio's story but it looks like the atencion isn't on line. Is it possible to post it? Thanks again for being there. Susan