Friday, April 07, 2006

The Rapist Is Still In San Miguel

There has been speculation that the serial rapist that has raped four gringas since October has fled....maybe to the USA. Or maybe he left town because he was afraid of being caught. No, he hasn't gone anywhere. He is still right here among us.

This morning at 3:50 AM we had a frantic phone call from my friend. She said, "He is back. He is in my house. Call the police, call the police." We immediately called the police and then Miguel Kegel, the Police Foreign Community Assistance Officer.

When we arrived at my friend's house the police were there and she told us that she had awakened to some soft noises which at first she thought might be in the street, and then she realized that they were coming from her patio. She began slamming her windows and screaming. The windows were barred and the rapist could not get in through them but she was slamming them to create a commotion. The man quietly called her name and told her to stop. The voice was the was the rapist back again. He had climbed walls, to get into her patio and was trying to get in a door.

When she started screaming, he managed to get back over the patio walls and escaped. We went with her to the Ministerio Publico to report the incident.

The San Miguel rapist has not left town.


Anonymous said...

Call me neanderthal if you will - someone needs to get your friend a gun - I have no use for rapist or child molesters!

Juan Calypso

Deb said...

Oh Billie, this sends chills up my spine! I'm so glad she heard the noise and woke up!

Takoma Gardener said...

Hi. I'm "Sue's" sister in the States. Thanks for being there for her. You can imagine how it feels to be so far away and not able to help her or make her safe.

Heather said...

I'm glad she woke up too. I'd like to say someone up above is watching out for her, but I'm also sure she's been a light sleeper since her first incident. I'm so sorry she has to go through this, and very glad she has you to help her.

I really hope they catch him soon.