Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Immigration Reform

Our next door neighbors have four children. One is a grown son. We had missed him since we returned to San Miguel. He worked at a hotel in the evenings so we always knew he was around during the day because he played his boombox. I have no idea how his mother put up with that noise during the day but a lot of the time I think he waited until she was out of the house.

We asked his younger brother where he was. Daniel replied that he was in Phoenix, Arizona. Then today we found out that several of the young men on the street had all gone to Phoenix together to find work.

I'm sure his father did the same thing. He speaks some English and they have an old car and a few things that maybe they never would have had if he had not crossed the border to make more money than he could make here. Maybe going to the USA is like a right of passage.

I'm sure they crossed the border illegally. We have asked the American consulate here what does a Mexican citizen have to do to obtain a visa to even visit the USA. A very expensive process and that is only for a permit to visit, not to work.

I hope he is going to be okay.

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