Tuesday, April 04, 2006

How We Met Eddie

Photography is the most amazing door. It has been a door to my inner artist. It has opened the door to so many friendships. It is my life on so many different levels. I think my life would be very boring without photography.

I met Laura back in the early 90's at a photography workshop in Oaxaca. Laura is from Austin and we have stayed in close touch over the years. I'd meet her for a lunch or dinner whenever I was in Austin. We always visited during FotoFest or whenever we could get together when Laura was in Houston.

Laura met Gloria at a photography workshop in Italy. Six years ago she came to my house along with a lot of other FotoFest participants and brought Gloria who also came to FotoFest. We ate Pizza and talked about photography.

Gloria had a new photography book out. We exchanged emails. I bought her book. I felt like I got to know her from her photography. We kept in touch via email.

When we bought the house in San Miguel and planned to rent it, I sent Gloria a brochure on the house. A couple of times she inquired about renting it but it didn't work out. She and her husband Eddie did come to San Miguel but we weren't here and didn't get to meet them.

Gloria and Eddie fell in love with San Miguel. Eddie is back in town looking at Real Estate. Last night he came for dinner. I liked Gloria when I met her and I like Eddie too so we are really hoping that they will buy a house here or at the very least be coming here often so this friendship can grow.

As I said photography opens doors and it opened the door to knowing Gloria and Eddie.....otherwise how would we ever have met these two wonderful, creative people from Missouri.

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