Sunday, April 16, 2006

Holy Wednesday

On Holy Wednesday, the Via Crucis (Way of the Cross) Procession begins at the Oratorio Church in the Centro. The Procession stops at 14 Stations of the Cross that are marked by crosses embedded in the buildings. There are many women in black dress and children with feathery angel wings in this procession. It is one of my favorite processions in the Centro because the town has not yet become so crowded with tourists, mostly Mexican tourist....and it is possible to move along with the procession or jump ahead of it in order to catch the photograph that you missed earlier. I love the symbolism in this parade. The women wearing black carry symbols of many things leading up to the crucifixion...the crown of thorns, the cock, the dice, the stakes, candles, flowers. The parade is rather long and uphill. I don't know how the women manage to walk this parade in spike-heeled party shoes but many of them do. Another thing I love about processions here. The floats, the flowers, the banners are made by the common man/woman....not some set designer.

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