Monday, April 10, 2006

Decision Made

Several weeks ago I wrote about the flying trapeze act and how you have to let go of one trapeze and hang in mid-air for a few seconds before you grab the other trapeze. Change is like that. Most of the time you have to let go of something that is safe and comfortable to move on. After a lot of talking and thinking and listening to our hearts, we have decided to sell our house in Houston. This is a big decision because we built the house about seven years ago. We worked with a marvelous architect, Cameron Armstrong, to design a house that although not a huge house feels spacious and full of light. Gregory Henry Landscape Design helped us with the garden design and the initial plantings and we have continued to work in the garden and it has evolved. It is very much a part of the house. We were honored to have an article written about the garden in the Houston Chronicle. We love the location in the Old Sixth Ward and we love the neighborhood and it was where we thought we would live for a long time. But even at our age, life can throw you a few surprises.

After much travel in Mexico and renting houses in San Miguel, we thought that maybe it would be fun to have a house in San Miguel and we would always have the same place when we came down for three or four months out of the year and we could rent it out when we weren't here. So we found a little house to buy. Never did we expect to fall so in love with San Miguel and the little house we bought. Never did we expect to make so many deep friendships so quickly. It happened though and suddenly we found that we were spending almost all of our time in San Miguel.

So we are putting the house on the market. It isn't a firesale. We aren't in a hurry. We aren't giving it away but if the right buyer comes along, fine. In the meantime we'll just keep doing what we have been doing....enjoying our lives in both places.


Anonymous said...

Congratulation on the decision. This is the direction we are headed as well. We will miss our special US home, but Viva Mexico!
Juan Calypso

Steve Bridger said...

Billie, Ned... we're with you guys. Adelante.

Brenda said...

Looks like my favorite 2 bloggers are both in the same position: you and calypso john, as we are also. We loved the area of Mexico we were in so much, we dreaded coming home. After much thought we also decided to sell our property in Canada and live in Mexico full time. What alot of work to do though before our return there! We miss Mexico so much now that we are back here and hope that things go quickly so that we can return soon. It seems so drab and colorless here (as well as chilly). Good luck to you.