Sunday, April 23, 2006

Agave and Blue Wall

I'm still playing with the Lensbaby and I loved the play of colors by this Agave plant outside a house.


Jerry M. Pine said...

Does Aloe Vera come from the blue Agave plant?

BillieS said...

Jerry, that is a good question. I took a look at wikipedia:

But I also looked up aloe and see no mention of Agave.

Somehow they must be in the same plant family since both are succulents but I read that if you get the juice of some agaves on your skin it will cause a rash that can last for several weeks and itching can reoccur a year later. So, I guess we better know which one is the aloe to put on burns and such.

Elisa Holquist said...

I believe aloe vera comes from the plant called savila (accent on first "a"). It's "arms" are much thinner and straighter than the blue agave - more like spears.

There are many types of agave, but the most common in my neighborhood is the one from which pulque is harvested. Before fermentation it's called agua miel, and is drunk by adults and children. I'm told it is very healthy, including because it contains lots of calcium. I can't confirm any of that. Pulque of course you've probably heard of and perhaps tried.

I haven't heard about or experienced the rash or itching you mention, but perhaps that's true of some kinds of agave.

GREAT picture. I love the colors too. And thank you for sharing your work and thoughts in your blog. I subscribe via RSS feed, so do read you regularly, though I don't usually click through to your site since I read the posts in the RSS reader. Keep up the great work. And viva mexico!!