Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I Miss My Gardening Shops in Houston

They are less than a half of a block in size but they are packed with plants and gardening accessories. Unfortunately they are here in Houston. Why isn't something like Buchanan's Plants and Another Place in Time in San Miguel. As I looked around at the accessories and furniture, any or all of them could be made in Mexico and probably some of them are. Oh, I miss my favorite garden shops in Houston when I am in San Miguel.

For the last year or so while we have been spending most of our time in San Miguel when we did come back to visit in Houston, I stayed away from the temptations of Buchanan's and Another Place in Time which have long been some of my regular stops when I'm out shopping. I went to Buchanan's this week to pick up some new plants for the Houston garden. It was like I had forgotten how wonderful it is with markers on each type of plant giving some information about it. I was looking for Martha Gonzales roses and in the rose section I found roses that were touted as good for containers even giving suggestions on the size of the container. Roses for hedges, climbing roses, miniature roses. I could read how often they bloomed and what size I could expect at maturity.

There were complete water feature kits. One that I just wanted to put in my car immediately. Glazed ceramic birdbaths, concrete birdbaths, concrete benches laid with glass tiles in wonderful designs, windchimes, clay and glazed ceramic flower pots in all sizes, garden statutary.

It was so wonderful, so inspiring. I could have stayed there all day just wandering up and down every aisle. But now the big question, how do I implement some of the ideas I picked up with what I CAN find in San Miguel.

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