Friday, March 10, 2006

From the Mouths of Babes

He was a National Geographic photographer. I wish I remembered his name. Years ago I heard him speak at a one-day photography symposium. He told a story that has remained with me all these years.

He was on assignment and staying at a house with a garden. He got up early and went out to photograph in the garden. A little boy about four years old who belonged to the family in that house, followed him into the garden, saying nothing just watching him bring his camera to his eye and photograph this then that. The little boy disappeared back into the house and a few minutes later came out with a box that looked like a camera with a little squiggly thing coming out of the top. Actually it was a container with a straw but it looked like a camera.

The child quietly followed him, doing as he did. Stopping to study what was before him and bringing his "camera" box up to his eye. The boy and the man continued to "work" side-by-side. No words passed between them. The sun got higher in the sky and it got warmer. The man sat down under a tree to change film. The child sat beside him and sipped from the squiggly straw in his "camera." Finally the child spoke to him and said, "Mista, does youwa camawa got juice in it?"

That is the question. Does our camera have juice?

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Anonymous said...

Cute story. Reminds me of a friend, years ago, who was breastfeeding her infant while her then 2 year old son looked on.

He offered to help out... he told her he had apple juice in his. They do say cute things at that age.