Monday, February 13, 2006

Digital History

The older you get the faster time flies, they say. Well I think that it is true but where digital photography is concerned, time doesn't fly it seems faster than the speed of light. Last night I was thumbing through an 2002 copy of Camera Arts Magazine. I had to smile when I read about their recommendations for a Photoshop workstation....512 RAM. Then later in the magazine, they were writing about how you need a 256 compact flash card with a new Canon or Nikon digital camera.

Today, February 13, 2006, the standard is no less than 1 Gig of RAM and 2 or more are recommended to make photoshop run smoothly on a computer. I've just ordered two 2 Gig compact flash cards for my camera.

What will be the standard requirements for digital photography in 2010? Can I afford to keep up? That is the real question!

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Anonymous said...

If there is a silver linging in all this, The price of digital and digital storage is coming down. You paid just a little more for you 5D than I did for my D60. Back when 512-megs was recommended to run PS, one 512-meg module would have cost you twice what I paid for two 1-gig DIMMS in January. And for what you had to pay for a 256-meg CF card then, you can buy a 2-gig high write speed card today. Have you seen Kodak's new V570 digital camera? All that for only $400. Only wish it would shoot RAW....sigh