Friday, February 03, 2006

Candelaria in Parque Juarez

In the first few weeks of February during Candelaria or Candelmas, Juarez Parque is filled with flower and plant vendors from all over Mexico. Juarez Parque is a very large park laid out in winding paths and bridges. More than half of the park walkways are lined with one vendor after another and the basketball court is filled with clay pots so no matter what you might want to buy for your garden, patio or terrace you can probably find it there.

Yesterday morning I found lots of schools were bringing the children to see the plants.

There is a riot of color. Blooming plants, herbs, palms, ferns...some very exotic ferns that I don't think stand a chance of living in this dry climate even with lots of water. It is so beautiful in the park that you can't resist just taking a walk through everyday. The prices are in line with what you normally pay at the viveros in town but there are plants that you can't get here at any other time. The orchids from VeraCruz are lovely but they were a bit pricey. A blooming phalaenopsis was $45 US. Most of the time in Houston I can get a similar plant for $15 to $30.
These photographs do not adequately capture the full experience Candelaria in Parque Juarez. I've tried over several years to photograph the flowers in the Parque. I can do "pretty" but not "essence" photographs. Maybe one of these days, I'll figure it out.

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