Sunday, February 12, 2006

250th Birthday

Last week was the 250th anniversary of the founding of the Monjas Church or by its official name, Immaculate Conception Temple, built during the 18th century by the Canal Family when one of their daughter's joined the order. At one time the beautiful building next door, that we now call the Bellas Artes, was the living quarters for the order. This was a special anniversary because it also marked the completion of a phase of some much needed restoration. As I would walk into town I would look up at its bell tower and wonder when the ball on the top of the bell tower was going to reach the point of leaning that it just toppled off and down. Now it is back in place and straight. Lighting was added which is a bonus for us because we can see the church from our terrace and when the lights are on, it is beautiful in the night sky. The roof and ceiling of the church are being repaired and waterproofed and the final part of the restoration will be the interior. I don't think the interior will need much repair because it is, in my opinion, the best kept and most beautiful of all the churches in San Miguel. Those nuns just give it the woman's touch. I think they collected every pink rose and white lily in all of Mexico for the interior of the church. Here you only see the altar but similar floral displays were all along the sides of the church as well. The new bell tower with it's new lights and with a rocket display.
The anniversary was marked with festivities for several days. We know at least one other order of nuns from Vera Cruz came to help celebrate and there may have been even more because there were so many nuns in the procession that wound from the Oratorio Church through town, visiting several other churches before it finally arrived at the Monjas Church just as the sun was going down. In addition to the procession, there were fireworks in the early morning and at night, there was a band that seemed to be non-stop for two days.
The nuns of the Immaculate Conception know how to throw a party.


Anonymous said...

Senora - that alter picture is GREAT. You are numero una!

Juan Calypso

BillieS said...

The altar was numero una but thanks anyway.