Friday, January 13, 2006

Seeing the World

At one time I wanted to travel to many places. I mean I really wanted to go places. Wanted to go enough that we got up and went. England, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Belize, Mexico....almost all the States in Mexico. I read travel books, the travel sections of the Sunday papers. Clipped articles and saved them. We hoarded Frequent Flyer miles. We had a trip on the books for the English Countryside one May. A trip to France in the Fall to see an exhibition that included some of my work. I wanted to see Prague. Always ready to go.

But something happened. We bought this house in Mexico. Oh yes, I still read about someone else's adventures but I'm not clipping articles and saving them. I'm content to just read.

I'm content to be here. To wake up to the roosters crowing in the morning....and lots of other times too. To see the kids in their school uniforms running down the street to school. To hear the church bells ringing to announce mass or processions. To sit on the terrace and watch a full moon come up over the hills. To walk through markets of vegetables, meats, poultry, flowers, food booths, clothing, shoes and CD's. To walk down the street for a comida of a gigantic shrimp cocktail. To sit at a dinner table and talk with the most amazing people.

I guess I don't need to go anywhere else. I'm living an adventure everyday.

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Anonymous said...

Well said mi Amiga! Every day is an adventure right here at home base in Mexico - no better adventures than this I think. Anita and I feel like we can spend the balance of our lives discovering Mexico and not for even a moment think we missed anything in life.

Saludos - Juan