Monday, January 02, 2006

The Party is Over

One party, two party, three party, four..........
The New Year has been welcomed!

On Saturday afternoon, I went down to Anna and John's for a short visit. We had already accepted other invitations but I had to see them before they left for the States and to see what they had done to their house. Oh, my but Anna was serving a feast in just a little while, Shrimp on a skewer, quesadillas, sausage, guacamole, Queso fundido. It was very tempting.

I went back home and we dressed to go to Darlene's and Tony's. They too had a feast with people dropping in before heading on to other parties. It was so nice to get to meet Tony's Mom who survived Katrina in New Orleans. She had fascinating stories to tell about how she escaped. We also met people from nova Scotia. I'm always amazed at the variety of people we meet here and the stories they have to tell.

From there we were headed to another party where we would see the New Year in but Ned's back was being cantankerous as it can sometime be so we decided to go back to the house and get him on his "drugs." We were already in bed when the town came alive with fireworks and bells to bring the New Year in.

On New Year's morning the medications had really helped Ned's back, so in the afternoon we headed off to Rick and Deb's place out near Atotonillco. We have been to a lot of parties at their house but this may have been the biggest one yet. They served the best tamales and then pozole with all the "fixin's." It was the greatest. I don't know how they manage to do it but they bring together the most amazing groups of people, feed them simple but delicious food and you feel like you can just hang out there forever.

The parties have been great. It has been wonderful to see all our friends and meet a lot of new people. But it is time for the party to be over.....
well, at least for a few days!

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