Friday, January 06, 2006


Next door neighbors. They sell tripe tacos and menudo.

Neighbors in the next block. They sell great tamales and atole


Anonymous said...

It all looks so tidy - I mean even the outer areas of the pots are without dried, dripped, carne.

Great photos too!

Juan Calypso

Jerry M. Pine said...


What type of food is Atole? I've been a Mexican food fam for nearly 50 years, but don't know what atole is.


BillieS said...

Jerry, this description is from the gourmet sleuth:
"Mexican Atole
A warm almost porridge-like drink made thick with masa. The chocolate version is Champurrado, other versions are flavored with fruits or nuts. This version is sweetened with piloncillo (Mexican unrefined brown sugar), cinnamon (canela), and vanilla bean."

I haven't tasted any that I like. Seems like of tasteless but grainy to me.