Saturday, January 21, 2006

Colors of San Miguel

I recently wrote about the seduction of color and how I've been shooting a lot more color images than black and white. I put the blame on the digital camera and the fact that when I shoot with digital I see the image first in color. But then I read an article in the Washington Post about a group of artist who came to San Miguel to paint. As I read their descriptions of the colors of San Miguel and about the luminous light they found, I found justification in my seduction.

From Susan Harb's description of San Miguel in the article perhaps you will be able to see why for so many people, it is love at first sight. We have friends here who came to visit for a week and bought a house before they left town. Definitely, wild, passionate, reckless abandoned love at first sight.

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Tommy Williams said...

Wow, Billie. I just love what you've been doing with light in the past few pictures (this one and "A Place to Read" in particular).

I may be more susceptible given what it looks like around here in the Puget Sound right now (choose between medium gray, dark gray, or black -- there may be some light gray on a good day).

But you're capturing beautiful patterns of light and shadow that echo other patterns in the photo. Combined with the simultaneously bright and soft colors, and these are just fantastic photos.