Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Morning After

First of all, many thanks to all who have written to congratulate us on making 49 years of marriage. We feel pretty good about it too and invited friends to come have some postres and bubbly with us. This photo of our dining room table is the "Night before the morning after." We bought the cake at the fish taco place because we have heard nothing but raves about their carrot cake. It was delicious (even for breakfast!) But the rest I made.

I've written before about the challenges I have with baking here. I don't always know if it is the differences in ingredients or the altitude but it is a challenge. The crust on one of the pecan pies decided to let the custard through and so the crust was up against the pecans. It is suppose to be pecans, custard, crust. Then I made two key lime pies. The pies turned out fine but we couldn't find whipping cream for the topping in this town yesterday. I've written before that you can find almost anything you want for cooking in this town, just not necessarily when you want it. Espinos said they would have it late in the afternoon so Ned went back at 4. They had gotten their shipment from the dairy but no whipping cream. They did have the cans of whipping cream so that is what I put on the pie. It wasn't long before it had lost its swirls and just lay on the pie. Not an attractive look! Still the pie was good. I also made pecan sandies and dark chocolate shortbread, then cheated a bit more with Mrs. Fields cookies.

We had a house full of friends and a good time. Much too good a time to wash dishes at midnight. So this is the morning after.

Next year, 50 years of marriage. It'll be the biggie....and I'll be hiring someone else to wash the dishes!

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