Thursday, December 08, 2005

It Has Been Done Before

I feel kind of guilty. I had friends in for dinner last night and I didn't try even one new recipe.

Shrimp Remoulade
Chicken Piquante
Almond Rice
Green Salad with basamic vinegar dressing
Tiny bananas sauteed in butter, brown sugar and brandy over homemade vanilla ice cream

I nearly always try at least one thing new but this menu, while it takes prep time, is all but finished when the guests arrive and it makes for an easy evening. All I have to do is put stuff in the oven.

When Meg, Joseph, Gary and David arrived we went to the terrace for a while to have a drink and appetizers and to look at the lights of the town. We came back down for dinner. David hasn't been here for a while so it was good to have time for conversations with him.

After everyone left, Ned and I washed most of the dishes but the glasses. Gotta finish that up this morning before we leave for Dolores Hidalgo with Barry and Tracy. We need a few more tile for the terrace table and we want to check out the furniture place. Of course, no trip to Dolores is complete without a stop at Vicente's for comida.

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