Monday, December 05, 2005

First Party in December

Not really a Christmas Party but the house was decorated. I'm talking about the house of Joseph and Gary. The party was because David and Patrick are in town but with all the decorations and the candles there was an added holiday festivity to the occasion.

The story of how I picked these guys up......or maybe I should say how I met always fun to tell. A little over 2 years ago, Meg and I had met up in the Jardin and we were wandering around to some of our favorite stores to see what was new. At Mariposa, there were some guys shopping and I struck up a conversation with one who introduced himself as David. He was particularly interested in a ceramic dog made into a lamp. I told him he should buy it now because if he didn't, I probably would. After a bit of banter he decided I was serious and told the shop owner to pack it up. He and Joseph were renting a house for several months and taking turns being in "residence." We exchanged phone numbers. I called and invited him to a party, then he invited us and the rest as they say is history.

Since then Joseph and his partner, Gary, have taken a long term lease on a house and David comes from time to time. For this visit Joseph planned a party and had it catered by John Morrow who has recently opened a food Kiosk in the Mercado de Artisanos. The food was fabulous. Quesadillas filled with amazingly flavorful greenbeans which could be topped off with a chipolte cream sauce. Tamales of pork and mole, bananas and chocolate, and mango and raisin. Lots of finger foods and a Mexican cheese pie....kind of a mix between New York Cheese Cake and Quiche.

I wish I had taken my camera. I'd love to show you the garden twinkling with candles, the house filled with Folk Art and the chandeliers ablaze with silver stars, ribbons and straw ornaments. But maybe I'll save that for another day when I tell you how Joseph with a little paint and upholstery transformed this house lost in 1950 to a showcase for all his treasures and folk art.

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