Friday, December 23, 2005


I just made my famous (this definition only applies within our family) Pecan Sandies. Of all things, this should be simple to make. Flour, butter, pecans, powdered sugar. They are okay but not quite the same.

My cooking reputation is challenged by baking here in Mexico. I haven't figured out how to adjust my baking recipes for 6700 feet above sea level. And I haven't figured out all the differences in ingredients. And my oven isn't as well made and dependable as I would like for it to be. The oven thermometer I brought from the States has died. My hand mixer doesn't do as good a job as the KitchenAide back in Houston. Well you can see I have a whole list of excuses. Nevertheless, I'm planning a dessert party.

Over time I have figured out a few pies that I can make here but I just realized that my oven only has one rack so I won't be able to put in more than 2 at a time. With some of the pies I can use a graham cracker crust but with a pecan pie, I need a crust. I can't even make a decent pie crust in Houston. I buy them frozen at Kroger's. I had heard that one of the bakeries in town would put a pie crust in your pie plate but when I sent Ned there today, they turned him away because they are too busy to do it. There is a little bakery down the street in our Colonia and Ned has talked the owner into making us some pie crusts.

I have a book on order about baking at high altitudes but it will not be here until after the first of the year. That isn't going to help next week. Oh, well, I'll make what I can make and we'll fill in with some things from some of the wonderful bakeries here in San Miguel.

While I'm still working on which dessert recipes will make it from the oven to the table, I also need to figure out if I have enough wine glasses, plates and forks for this party.

Knowing that baking isn't my strong suit in my Mexican kitchen, why have I invited people over next week for postres? I guess I just like to be challenged.

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Anonymous said...

Aside from all the problems with altitude, recipe books and stoves - they look REALLY good to me ;-)
Juan C.