Thursday, November 17, 2005

You never know who might see you

My Mother use to say, "You better behave. You never know who might see you." Well I had a surprise last night. A note from someone who saw my work in the Federal Reserve Bank building here in Houston. I wrote back on August 8th about the commission for this work. Somehow I thought that the work would be hung in the building never to be heard about again but last night I had an email from Jay, a photography friend in an email group.

I was at the Houston Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank at a reception tonight. I was in the dining - reception area, when I went over to inspect some of what from a distance appeared to be stunning images of Houston, taken in the Buffalo Bayou ecosystem. Then I noticed that they were the work of our own Billie Mercer!

Then Jay when on to say some nice things about the work. Between this and the Image Wrought exhibition, this is turning out to be an amazing week.

But I guess in a way, Mother warned me that I would never know when or who might see my work.

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Cynthia Card said...

Hey, Billie. I took your advice and started a blog. I have posted a few of my essays. Thanks for your encouragement! Cynthia