Monday, November 14, 2005

Visiting and Shopping

Dinner with Mike and Betsy last night. Ned dropped me off at their house while he went to the baseball field to see Jack practice ball. Betsy and I don't have a chance to visit very often without the boys so it was a special time for us. She made a great pasta dish while we talked and when the "boys" came in, they were hungry.

Jack and Will are really growing. They are so much fun to talk with now. Jack has been researching an explorer as an assignment from school and has to make a presentation to his class on Tuesday so he practiced with us. He was very good. They are wonderful boys.

Started working on my shopping list this morning.

Pier One.....I stopped in Pier One on the way to the grocery store on Saturday. They had a rug that I liked for the Studio but I thought it cost too much. I went on line to see if maybe they had something else for less money that would work but to my surprise, I saw that it was on sale and was a reasonable buy for the Studio. I went back to the store and asked them if they were selling it for the same price as the website. They checked the website and let me have it for that price. Yeah!

Target....I bought plastic boxes to store things in. Very important for my photography stuff in San Miguel because of all the fine dust. Then I found a couple of long sleeve shirts. Long sleeve shirts are on my shopping list.

Calico Corner and Leggett's Fabrics....I'm trying to decide whether to take down a couple of chairs we already have or whether to get the rattan chairs from Pier One that we found earlier. Either way I need fabric to recover our old chairs or to make cushions for the rattan chairs. When I make my selection, I have to consider the curtains that are already made and up as well as the rug I bought today. Wouldn't you know that the fabric I like best is the most expensive. But while I was shopping for fabric, I talked with a decorator who was also shopping and she gave me a great suggestion to add some sparkle to the curtains. It is something I had thought about doing but now that she suggested it also, I feel pretty sure I gotta do it. I didn't buy any fabric....need to do some thinking about it.

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Brenda said...

have fun,but hurry back to Mexico.