Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sunday Market

If you live on Calle Heroes, you have the Sunday Market at your doorstep. About 5:00 AM you may be awakened to soft muffled sounds of boxes being unloaded and tables being set up.

By daylight the market is in full swing. Several vendors for fruits and vegetables. Food booths with carnitas, pan dulces, juices, quesadillas, tortas and a few tables where you can sit and eat. CD's being played to entice a buyer. A table of candies. Sacks of grains, cereals and beans. Bundles of herbs. Tubs of spices.

Children's shoes and clothes. Bras and panties. Pots and Pans. Plants for your garden. All of this in just one block....a whole market set up in less than an hour. We have rented a house on Heroes and it has always amazed me that this market can appear so quickly and then disappear just as quickly. The street is swept clean and by nightfall it is hard to imagine that it happened.
The market is by the San Antonio Church and there is always something going on at the church. Today several small altars were brought into the church to be blessed by groups of 20 to 25 people. Children play on the steps of the church while the old people sit in the shade of the Jardin in front.

The camera was with me when we walked over to Heroes. An ordinary errand but there is always something to photograph. That camera should always, always go with me. You just never know what you are going to see.

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