Saturday, November 12, 2005

Safe Trip

Writing from Houston, Texas. We left San Miguel about 5:30 AM yesterday and drove up in the driveway about 8:30 and sound.

Nothing eventful happened along the way.....and I'm not complaining. There were more than the usual number of road repair slowdowns and military checkpoints although we weren't pulled over at any of them. We did try the Columbia bridge just to see how it was. The Columbia bridge is about 24 miles to the East of Nuevo Laredo and out in the middle of nowhere. We haven't tried it in the last couple of years but we heard that the road to the bridge was finished. You pick up I-35 about 12-15 miles North of Laredo. So the distance over that bridge is longer but you miss the traffic of the two border towns. But the main reason we tried it yesterday was that we were crossing on a Friday afternoon and we figured that getting across the main bridge would be slow.

Most of the vegetation is dry and brown now that the rainy season has ended in central Mexico, but we were surprised around Monterey. It was as green or greener than we have ever seen it. There were a few places that if there had been a place to stop and we weren't already driving on a 15 hours road trip, I would have stopped and taken pictures. Never have seen the mountain sides so velvety green.

Okay, on to getting things put back in place and getting busy.

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