Monday, November 28, 2005

Heading South......

Well, first we head West on I-10 to San Antonio and then South on 37? 35? Whichever highway takes you to Laredo. Across the border and straight South again on Mex 57 until the turnoff for San Miguel de Allende. A turn off to the West on a two lane road and another 25 miles and we will pull up in front of Casa Mercer. We are leaving after lunch and will overnight at El Rancho that is about 45 minutes South of Nuevo Laredo. El Rancho is a small hotel, restaurant and gas station........that is the middle of nowhere. It is clean and the restaurant is okay but most importantly they will let Taylor, the cocker spaniel, spend the night there too.

Next message should be Tuesday from San Miguel de Allende.
Stay tuned.


Brenda said...

No, we haven´t figured out the mens bar thing, actually that was the first bar we had been in, in Guaymas. Landlords decorating continues to amaze us also. No, we haven't figured out what is going on here festivity wise yet. The stores are just loaded with Christmas items though.

Anonymous said...

We are looking forward to having the Merce's on this side of the border - drive carefully.
Calypso Juan