Sunday, October 02, 2005

The County Fair - Mexican Style

For the first time we went to the Feria (Fair) that is held in conjunction with the Festivities for San Miguel. When we first started coming to San Miguel de Allende for extended stays, the Feria was held on the soccer field in town but now it has moved out on the highway behind the new city administration building. There is lots of parking and room for it to spread out.

It seems to be a combination of the fair that accompanies the Rodeo and Live Stock Show and the small fairs that we sometimes see on parking lots along freeways in Houston. There are lots of rides for little children and then some "scare" larger rides for the older kids. Games where you try to win a prize by tossing rings, shooting moving targets or fishing. Lots of places to buy food. Even some places to get a adult beverage to carry around with you and something that we don't see much anymore exhibitions....shows of the barebreasted alligator woman, the two headed child, and chickens with three feet.

Another long tent held the "food court." Gorditas, quesadillas, tortas, tacos, hot dogs, hamburgers and Chinese food. Yes, you are reading right....Chinese food. There were lots and lots of tables and many different food vendors. It all looked good.

What is really different is that the entry fee is 15 pesos. That includes all the rides but to see the barebreasted alligator woman, you have to pay another 10 pesos.

There were several long tents that held "stuff" for sale. The majority of it was household items, pots, pans, dishes, glasses, cups, the little grills that the Mexicans use for cooking, rugs and blankets. It surprised me how many women were buying these items. Another long tent had sunglasses....lots of sunglasses, jewelry, jeans, t-shirts, children's clothes.

You can see a slideshow of pictures from the Feria here on Flickr.

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lol. looks like fun :)

Anonymous said...

Great photos as always. Thank you for taking the time to provide such a treat -
Calypso John