Monday, September 26, 2005

Sidewalks in San Miguel

You never know what will be in the middle of the sidewalk in San Miguel. It could be a chicken or a dog. But the one thing you can be sure of is that it will not be a flat level walkway. In fact there are lots of places where there is no sidewalk at all. The cobblestone street ends at the house. At best, most of the sidewalks are about 24 inches wide. That width is broken by steps leading up to the front doors of houses and sometimes you need really long legs to step up to where the sidewalk begins again as the street climbs up a hill.

God be with you in the dark. You can fall on your face if you step off the sidewalk thinking it is only a regular step of 8 inches when actually from where you are on the sidewalk to the next part of the sidewalk is 24 inches.

Uneven sidewalks are not the only problem. There could be a tree that takes up the whole sidewalk or maybe the pay phone. It is really hard to stay on the sidewalk when someone is using the phone. I don't know how anyone uses a baby stroller but you see them bouncing the baby along all the time.

Oh, well, walking in the cobblestones streets is suppose to be good for your blood pressure and balance.

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