Thursday, September 08, 2005

New Orleans Refugees in Houston

Since I'm from Houston, I'm interested in how the refugees from New Orleans are doing in my hometown. Yes, Jesse Jackson, I used the term refugees which until you started it, didn't have a specific racial there. Come get me if you wanna fight!

At any rate, I've been looking for blogs from Houston that give me a fly on the wall viewpoint. Although one of these is from the Chronicle it doesn't seem to be too officially edited. The other two are from "pro" bloggers who use their blogs to give their viewpoint of happening in Houston and Texas in general. I'm still looking for a blog from a "regular" person....maybe someone who is volunteering or from a church that is helping the refugees.

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Gema said...

Offf I just missed the qualifications by an inch-lol-yep, Im from Houston, but I don't write about what's going on here right now...I'm just tired of hearing about it, well Im tired of hearing people whine about a lot of things...anyways just browsing around...

good luck:)