Sunday, September 18, 2005

Independence Day Comida

Mexicans celebrate fiestas with music, dancing, fireworks and food. Mexican Independence Day would not have been complete without a special comida. Rick and Deb Hall who own Zocalo, a shop filled with the finest of Mexican Folk Art, invited us for Comida. You would never turn down an invitation to one of their comidas because they do know how to set an amazing table of Mexican foods. Beside the food, their hospitality is so warm and relaxing and the people you meet there are very interesting.

The Halls live out of town off the road to Dolores Hidalgo. They have a garden and a portico across the front of the house as well as a covered patio off to the side with a table and chairs. The house is an amazing blaze of color that compliments their collection of Mexican folk art and books.

Today the comida was going to be traditional with Chiles en nogada. Can you image roasting and peeling that many poblano peppers. Then you make the filling and then the creamy walnut sauce. But you aren't finished yet, there are still pomegranates to seed. Side dishes included rice, squash topped with cheese and beans. Later in the afternoon after we were all back to reclining in the chairs of the sala or portico, there was carrot cake.

Click here to see more pictures of this lovely afternoon and the delicious food. When we left about 7:30 PM the moon was just coming up above the mountains.

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