Sunday, September 11, 2005

Could This be IT?

Could this be it (black and white photographically speaking)?

If you aren't a black and white photographer this post may not make much sense but if you are, you will understand my joy.....I think I've found a way to make black and white digital prints that I can accept. I've looked at lots of master crafted black and white prints and I've spent so many, many hours in the darkroom learning how to make a good print. Over the last couple of years I've spent lots and lots of time trying different techniques, software and equipment trying to make a good digital black and white print. I know what quality I'm looking for and until now, I haven't been able to achieve it digitally. Now, I think I can.

These two images were shot in the Colonia I live in in San Miguel de Allende and while I'm using them to do some test printing, I'm not claiming them as "art." What you see on your monitor may not illustrate what I'm talking about but trust me, I'm seeing it in the prints from these images.

There may be three things that contribute to my enthusiasm. First of all, I'm getting better with using PhotoShop. The second and third go together....The Epson 4000 printer and the Quadtone Rip. In the print of the above image, I can see detail in the deep shadows of the crook of the tree branches and there is good definition in the bark as well as the textures of the wall.

This image shows white/white but also the delicate variations of very near white. I haven't been able to achieve this as well in a black and white print before now using the Epson 2200 and Imageprint. It boils down to this, what I'm seeing on my calibrated monitor, I'm getting in the Black and White print.

Also with the Quadtone RIP, I think I've found a printing curve that works for me. It is a slight sepia tone...just a bit warm.

We'll see as I keep testing but this evening, I'm pretty happy.

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