Friday, August 26, 2005

Headed South

We will be leaving Houston in a few hours. The car is partly packed. Once again I'm in the worry mode which will last until we get well past Nuevo Laredo. We will spend the night at El Rancho about 70 miles South of Nuevo Laredo or if we get away earlier enough, we will go on to Saltillo to spend the night.

Taylor is also in the worry mode. Last night about 2:00 AM he started "crying" in his crate. I'm sure he was just nervous about all the packing that is going on. We let him come stay in our bedroom and he was fine. I think he just wanted to be where he could keep an eye on us so he could be sure we didn't leave without him.

It has been a fast two weeks. We're ready to head South.

Next post will be from San Miguel de Allende.

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