Monday, August 01, 2005

Another Party

Sunday night we went to a Party at Linda and Andrew's. To those of you reading this blog periodically, it must seem like all we do is party. Well that isn't quite true but I do have to admit that there is more entertaining in San Miguel de Allende than among our circle of friends in Houston.

Linda and Andrew's contribution to one of the many charities here in San Miguel had "bought" them a catered party from Celebrations! San Miguel so what could they do but invite some friends in to celebrate! Celebrating was easy to do at their house with deep porticos and comfortable seating, a lush central patio with a tinkling fountain in the center.

I sometimes think that the food in San Miguel is "okay to good" but Linda Walcowich, one of the owners of Celebrations! San Miguel, filled the table with beautiful platters of delicious treats that were way beyond "okay to good." Little tequila shot glasses of gazpacho, bite-sized pastry shells filled with salad topped with a feta or goat cheese, a wonderful cilantro mousse, tiny flautas, tender, tender pork for tacos with lots of tasty toppings, a red, white and green terrine with pita chips. A dessert buffet with rich chewy brownies, tiny sand tarts and little cheese cakes.

In addition to the great food were some really interesting people. We reconnected with Seth and Karen. They live near us and we met them last year. I had been wondering if they were back in town for the summer but hadn't seen them. They are going to spend several weeks in Quintana Roo and Yucatan this winter and I gave them a few tips from our experiences there but we are going to have to talk about it some more....a reason for another party! They had a couple visiting them from Scotland and it was great to find out what they thought of Mexico on their first visit. Ned met a Mexican man who had been in the same business that Ned was in and they knew a lot of the same people in the industry in Mexico. And, of course, we had a chance to visit with people we already knew.

Near the end of the party, just as the sky was turning dark blue velvet, there were cascades of fireworks over the top of the patio wall. I think they were from some celebration in front of the Parroquia in the Centro but Andrew and Linda are such gracious hosts, I wasn't positive that they hadn't arranged to top off this fiesta with these sparkling points of light.

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Brenda said...

Having more time to get together with friends must be a another nice "perk" to living in San Miguel.
Hope you had a chance to try out Google Earth, I am sure you will love it!
Have a great day.