Thursday, July 07, 2005

What started as a quiet morning.....

This morning we started our day with huevos Mexicanos, guacamole, fresh tortillas, and coffee. At 9:00 AM we were wondering if any of our workers were coming. The sky was clear. No rain in the last 36 hours so they should be able to paint on the outside and the floors need to be sealed. There was work to do.

I tried to call the landscaper. He was suppose to come yesterday to take out a vine that keeps trying to overwhelm the patio. It will make it easier to paint the wall and besides I want to re-landscape the patio. He wasn't able to come because of the rain and had said he would come today. No answer when I call. More work to do.

We were hoping that the iron worker would install the new stair banisters early this week so that any touch up painting could be done while the painters are still around....and there will surely be some. More work to do.

Within about 30 minutes all of these teams arrive and suddenly the place is like a beehive.

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