Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Walking on Cobblestones

I've been thinking about writing an entry about walking on the cobblestone streets here in San Miguel de Allende. I know that it has strengthened my ankles and feet. Sometimes when I'm walking along on the rough surfaces that just three years ago made me teeter and totter, I feel strong as I keep my pace and move along in a good balanced stride. I think to myself, this is pretty good for an old woman!

Today my friend Christina Hager sent me an article from the Oregon Research Institute about the benefits of walking on cobblestones. Not only does it improve balance but it also lowers blood pressure. Well I haven't had my blood pressure checked but I can testify to the balance benefit.


Anonymous said...

Just saw in a newspaper article that a study showed that walking on cobblestones helps lower blood pressure and keep people mentally alert.

Mark Tuttle

BillieS said...

Is this the photographer, Mark Tuttle?