Thursday, July 28, 2005

Public Works

Our street in San Miguel de Allende is cobblestone. It has been developing more and more potholes but yesterday Public Works came to make repairs. They started down the hill from us and to stop the traffic from our direction they put up a sign about 3 feet tall by 1 foot wide with red and white diagonal stripes. Rocks are piled around the bottom of it to keep it in place. But the sign doesn't work because if a driver wants to go down the street, he just stops and moves the sign and continues his travels down the street and around the pothole that is being repaired.

When I walked down the street this morning I saw where they had worked yesterday and thought that the repair wasn't holding at all. It was already starting to sink again. So when I came back to the house they were working on that pothole again as well as some of the others.

First they dig out the cobblestones, put in some dirt and then replace the cobblestones, tapping them in very carefully. Today, they had to build a small dam to divert water from a water line break further up the street so that they could fix the pothole right under our window. This is hard work. I hope it lasts a little longer this time.

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Anonymous said...

I'm back here in hot old Houston. I love your blog. I have it in my favorites list and plan to keep it there. I especially love the photos. Keep them coming.
thanx, Gary