Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Lots of Little Happenings

Have you ever noticed how days are made up of lots of little pieces. Sometimes the pieces seem to go from one piece to the next piece connecting like a jigsaw puzzle. Today hasn't been that way. But that doesn't mean it hasn't been a good day.

Ned got up and walked the dog, then he made breakfast for me. We checked out our emails, and he checked the Houston Chronicle. We get ready for the day.

We have two places where we can connect a TV in our new room. The wire had been pulled and was in the wall but we needed the little "connector thingy" that goes on the end of the cable to attached to the TV. The architect had looked for it all over town. The electrician had looked for it all over town and in Ceyala. Couldn't find one of the right size. So after several talks with the Cable company they scheduled an appointment between 11 and 12 today to install these little "thingies." At 10 AM they were here, 2 men to install the "thingies." The architect had told Ned to call him when they came. Ned called and the electrician shows up to see what they were doing. The electrician needs to finish installing the phone but he leaves saying he will be back in an hour. The cable guys leave. The architect shows up to see the "thingies." Are you confused? Me, too but I'm just reporting on what happened.

An hour passes. The electrician isn't back. We needed to fill our tank with propane so earlier Ned had called Gas Express to come. They said that they would call "the pipe" in Colonia San Antonio and they would be here shortly to fill the tank. We look across the street and Gas Express is at our neighbors, so we think they are coming here next. They drove off somewhere else. About an hour later they come back to deliver our gas. No, I don't know why they didn't deliver to us when they were across the street. Ned goes across the street to buy some shoe polish from the neighbor who has set up a very nice little stand in front of her garage with a variety of small merchandise items.

I needed to leave to go into town. We had an iron worker make some wall lamps for beside the bed. I take one to buy two lampshades. I get the lampshades and then go to Sazon to spend a gift certificate. I choose some more Gorky Gonzales pottery. Now I'm carrying two bulky lampshades, two big pottery platters and a water jug. Me and packages are so wide I can't get down the narrow sidewalks in San Miguel de Allende so I want to get a cab but all I have are $200 peso bills. The cab ride will be 20 pesos and the cabbies never have change. I decide to stop at ten-ten-pie and have something to drink so I can get change. I have a lemonade. Now I have change and I get a cab to the house. Ned has washed the breakfast dishes and walked the dog again.

I put the stuff in the house and go to meet Darlene for comida at ChaChaCha. While I'm gone the electrician comes back to the house. It is now about 1:30 or 2. He tells Ned he is a little late. He does something to the telephone connection. Ned brings the local phone over to the new room and it works. I go back to the house, Ned is making a tuna sandwich. We try the new shades. They are too deep and one of the wrought iron lamps doesn't quite stay at 90 degrees but somehow that is funny. It is Mexico. Ned leaves to get some touch up paint and something else he needs to install the lamps. Comes back and installs them even though one is a bit "off."

I get a phone call from Mel. He tells me that Phyllis is picking me up tonight between 5:45 and 6 to go to Girl's Night Out. Ned walks the dog again. I get a shower and I'm waiting for Phyllis to come but instead I get a phone call from her and she is at Joan's. Mel was suppose to tell me that I should walk to Joan's and ride over with them. I say I'll meet them at Michelle's house where we are having Girl's Night Out. Girl's Night Out is always fun and I met several new women including Barbara who is building/remodeling a house down the street from me. Phyllis brings me home because she wants to get some of our Kirkland Lamb and Rice dogfood for her Scrappy who is allergic to what he has been eating. We give her a bag of food, and just as she gets in her car, the sky's open up.

The hard driving rain from the West shows us which windows on the West leak. We use a towel to soak up the rain. Leaking windows and doors are a common problem in San Miguel de Allende. Metal on concrete and they haven't figured out how to flash the windows so it doesn't happen occasionally. Ned heats up some gorditas for dinner that our neighbor gave us. The rain is letting up. Thankgoodness, the dog needs another walk but I don't know if he will put his tootsies in the puddles in the street.

Some would say that all these little happenings, little events seem like a boring day. No, I don't agree. It is a wonderful life.


Brenda said...

Hi, sounds like a great day. Have been reading your blog for several months now and thoroughly enjoy it. I also enjoy gardening and taking photos. Have a webshot album if you are interested in seeing some pictures of our acreage in Canada. http://community.webshots.com/user/brendamaa
We are intending on spending 6 mths. in Mexico this fall/winter. Reading your blog has only reinforced this desire.

Brenda said...

Thank you for your comments on my site, yes we are excited about our upcoming trip.
Re: housesitting, do you have any ideas on how we could find possibilities for San Miguel?? We are fairly flexible in our plans,not locked into anything for renting,etc.. and would be open to housesits most anywhere, just for the chance to experience something new. Have a great day.