Friday, July 22, 2005

Gardening tip

Yesterday I learned a new trick. The gardeners who worked on my patio said that the leaves of the clivia and shefflera needed to be cleaned. They were right. The concrete dust from the construction was stuck to them.

They said they needed some beer.
Yes, it makes the leaves shine.

I got them some beer (Negro Modelo-nothing but first class beer for my plants,) a bucket with some water and a rag.
An hour later every leaf was clean and shiny

I'm sure the clivia and shefflera were feeling very good and very happy as their leaves were just "weaving" with the breeze.

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MarthaX said...

Hi, Billie. First time here.
Yes, it's a good trick. But, you must remember: beer is for plants, ah? Hehehe :P
I'll be in S.M. tomorrow (for movie's festival) and, maybe could be good that we see us. If you wish it, mail me (mail in my flickr profile).
I wait your answer. Thanks.