Friday, June 24, 2005

Looking Both Ways

One evening when we were in London several years ago, I had my son take me down to the River Thames. I wanted to photograph across the river back toward Parliment and catch the lights at twilight. We got there a little early and I set up my tripod and exposed several negatives as the light dropped lower and lower.


I felt that I had captured what I came to do and that the walk along the river with the lights would make a nice image. I was folding up the tripod when we realized that there were some fireworks going off behind us. I turned and moved quickly to set up facing in the other direction.


Here was my picture. And it was another one of those Whacks on the Head that I need from time to time to remind me to look at what is behind me when I'm photographing.

Now here is the strange thing about these two images. They were made about 8 years ago but I have never printed them. I don't know why not.

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