Saturday, June 11, 2005

Friday Night on the Terrace

We had planned to go out for dinner Friday night but at 7:45 PM we found ourselves on the 3rd floor terrace with a little wine, so relaxed after a long week of construction dust and noise, we couldn't imagine pulling ourselves together enough to walk into town. And besides the hillside was so beautiful in the setting sun.

Plan B, don't go anywhere. Just have dinner on the terrace. The closest para llavar (food to go) was Juanita's just around the corner. It is a tiny place but oh, such good pizza. While Ned went to get us a pizza, I opened wine, got plates and napkins so everything was ready to go back up to the terrace when he returned.

We sat there munching on our pizza and watching the hillside grow darker and lose definition except for the yellow torch of the street lamps and pinpoints of lights from windows. The sky gradually darkened too, deeper and deeper blue until the green of the hillside and the dark blue of the sky was just a slight change in color at the horizon. The church lights came on at the Parroquia outlining the spires. We even had a few fireworks from somewhere beyond the Parroquia. It had been such a hot week but the terrace was cooled with a soft breeze.

Plan B turned out to be a very good plan.

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