Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Chicken Broth

I know that this is going to sound silly but today a can of chicken broth stopped me in my tracks. So I'll have to explain. This is the first time I have ever, ever seen canned chicken broth in Mexico.....not in Walmart, not in Costco, nada, zip, ever. Often when we come I'll bring a case of chicken broth and one time when I asked friends who were driving down to see us to bring a case, they thought we were a little weird.....until they rented a house for a month or so and realized how hard it is to come by chicken broth.

Over time I've adjusted my cooking to be sure that I cook a chicken fairly often for soup or chicken salad and I hoard my homemade chicken broth. I save every scrap of chicken in the freezer so I can add it to the stock. Oh, you can buy a kind of powdered chicken bouillon but it just isn't the same as real chicken broth.

Today, I was in a fast walk up the street to look for a small chandelier at the iron shop when I passed Carey's. I never shop there because they bring in American foods and charge outrageous prices but the cans of chicken broth by the door stopped me. Swanson's low salt Chicken Broth. I had no choice, I had to ask how much it cost.....$2.30 for a 14 oz can. I put it down and went on my way. Mmmm.....I think it is about time to buy another chicken to stew.

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