Monday, May 16, 2005

Construction - week 6

Construction - week 6
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While I was out of town for week 6, the project made great progress.

The electrician is putting in the wiring. This means that channels are chipped in the walls so that this orange tubing can be placed. They will pull the electrical, telephone and cables thru. The walls will be plastered and it will all be covered.

Construction - week 6

The plumber was also working. The connections in the bathroom which you see above and in the utility room have been started.

The bathroom and utility room windows were installed. The windows for the floor to ceiling windows in the studio have been delivered. The little balconies for those windows were made and the grills that will covered them are here and ready to install.

Construction - week 6

The ceiling and one wall was plastered. The wall at the second floor landing was knocked out. The stairs to the third floor terrace are "curing" and we should be able to take down the supports soon. The wall around the stairs on the third floor has been started. The terrace balcony wall has been topped with brick and plastered.

More cement has just been delivered. I can't begin to tell you how many bags of cement have gone into this addition to this house. It is a wonder that this hill that we sit on doesn't collapse. But we are making progress.


JohnM11663 said...

Fun to see things, thanks for the pix. Will stop in from time to time, Love, Jack/Nancy

BillieS said...

Great, drop by anytime.